VORAX Update 0.7 Preview #2 – Nightmares in the oil mill

The lost recordings of Dr. Sanchez.

Decoded recording of Dr. A.J. Sanchez, October 15, unspecified location in the eastern Mediterranean.
“Virus V exhibits a unique and highly aberrant mutational profile, resulting in the formation of grotesque human-animal hybrids.

As a consequence, the infected host experiences a rapid and uncontrolled proliferation of hybridized cells.
The most alarming manifestation of Virus V’s mutational effects is the cocooning phenomenon observed in infected individuals. The virus induces the formation of thick, fibrous cocoons around its victims, serving as a protective mechanism for the incubation of new hybrids. This process involves the secretion of complex proteins and structural materials, ultimately encapsulating the infected host within a chrysalis-like structure. The cocooned individuals serve as a breeding ground for the continued propagation of Virus V, as well as the development of additional hybridized entities.
There lived on the island a farmer with whom I had formed a friendship… I know that I shouldn’t let myself be tainted by personal emotions, I have been educated since university to treat every biological phenomenon in an aseptic manner, but seeing that man, once my friend… incorporated into that horrendous creature…. if I were a believer I would ask God for forgiveness.”.

VORAX Update 0.7 Preview: The Barrels in Olive Factory

The V virus, based on the environment where it has spread, can have certain particularities. The living tissue can assimilate both organic and inorganic materials and merge together.
New barrel like creatures, mimicking the olive barrels from the olive factory have emerged. Not much is known about them, but they seem to be coordinated, in a way, by something massive.

Merged with the walls, an unidentified creature resides, reverberating unsettling inhuman sound.

VORAX Update 0.7 Preview #: Evolved Dogmen Behavior

The new specimens observed on the island, while having a humanoid stature, they are feral in nature. The brain, under close inspection, is not of a human nor animal. These Dogmen have a bit of both. An unnatural amalgamation.
Some seem to move in packs and coordinate attacks. They seem to have a form of communication and social hierarchy. They seem to be capable to assess certain situations and make decisions accordingly.

Some seem to have also evolved in such a way to use weapons or tools in combat.

While some Dogmen are aggressive and attack on sight, others may be more cautious or even opportunistic. They will avoid direct contact, but may use unconventional methods of approaching.

Taming a Dogman can be a valuable ally when surviving the island and useful in many situations. Taming such a creature isn’t an easy task, but the benefits will make the extra effort worth it.

More To Come!

As mentioned previously, the bleeding and dismemberment visual effects have been improved, various animations and assets added and improved weather effects. More details and videos in weekend preview

Update 0.7 is in the works, continuously being polished and will be ready and live just in time for the upcoming Steam Next Fest.

We will Update our Demo and open Alpha as well they will receive most of the new software features, apart of course, being strictly limited to 1square kilometer, while full version being huge 10 sq km open world. Don’t forget we will be part of this year’s upcoming Steam Next Fest in less than three weeks.

Join the nightmare today at and get ready to be scared out of your wits. Remember, in Vorax, the horrors are real, and the nightmares are endless.

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