Patch Notes for Fortnite v23.00 – Chapter 4

In the fourth Chapter of Fortnite’s Battle Royale, go forth in a new realm and get around in new ways — ride a dirt bike, roll in a snowball, launch yourself with the Shockwave Hammer, and hurdle over obstacles. Power yourself up with Reality Augments and claim territory for your squad, leaving behind Banners to declare what’s yours. And of course, venture with newly-forged weapons.

The New Island: Your Domain… But Also Your Enemies’

After the events of Chapter 3’s finale, a new Island has formed. Here are just some of the sights you’ll encounter in this realm:

The Citadel

This point of interest is the castle ruled by “The Ageless.”

Anvil Square

Anvil Square is a peaceful-looking town in the heart of a forest. Emphasis on peaceful-LOOKING.

Brutal Bastion

This headquarters of the Reality Warriors is located among the snowy mountains. Speaking of snow, hit snow with your Pickaxe to create a snowball, jump inside the snowball, then get rolling. You can attack enemies this way too…

Frenzy Fields

Considering this farm is abandoned, what makes it frenetic are the battles that happen here.

Wait, what’s that Rock?

If you venture to the Shattered Slabs mining facility, you’ll notice Kinetic Ore. Pull off physics sorcery with Kinetic Ore to strategically attack your opponents.

Steer Your Dirt Bike Steed

One of the many ways to get to these places? The trusty, two-wheel Trail Thrasher. Perform tricks on this dirt bike and use weapons as you ride.

Look out for the Hulk smashing his way into the Item Shop soon!

Fortify Yourself with Reality Augments

At intervals in your match, you’ll be given a randomized choice of two Reality Augments. The longer you remain in the match, the more Reality Augments you’ll collect. Reality Augments last until the match’s end.

One of the 22 Day 1 Reality Augments: Light Fingers. Makes your weapons using Light Ammo reload faster.One of the 22 Day 1 Reality Augments: Mechanical Archer. Gives you a Mechanical Explosive Blow & Mechanical Shockwave Bow.One of the 22 Day 1 Reality Augments: Aerialist. Grants you Glider redeploy for the rest of the match.One of the 22 Day 1 Reality Augments: Supercharged. Your vehicles won’t consume fuel and they’ll have increased Health.One of the 22 Day 1 Reality Augments: Soaring Sprints. While sprinting, you’ll be able to jump much higher — and jump with lower gravity.

Don’t like your randomized options? Reroll them for another chance at your faves, or maybe one you’ve never chosen before. Mix and match Reality Augments and find your favourite combo to support your next Victory Royale!

Go Forth by Hurdling Forward

If you sprint at obstacles, you’ll now hurdle over or onto them. Use this slick maneuver in your pursuit of victory.

Seize a New Slate of Weapons

Venture with a fresh set of weapons on the Island. You’ll see returning ones too, but here’s a rundown of what’s new:

Ex-Caliber Rifle

This powerful, semi-automatic rifle fires a ballistic blade at your enemies… that detonates mere moments later.

Thunder Shotgun

A pump-action shotgun that deals high damage and shoots two rounds at a time. Just as thunder tears through the sky, this shotgun tears through skirmishes and shotgun shells.

Maven Auto Shotgun

An automatic, fast-firing shotgun with moderate damage and range. A true maven, however, will know how to make the most of it.

Red-Eye Assault Rifle

An automatic assault rifle with a custom red dot sight for improved accuracy. Made for a focused wielder, this assault rifle has a controlled fire rate.

Twin Mag SMG

Two are better than one: this automatic, fast-firing SMG has a double-sided magazine for an extra fast reload.

Tactical Pistol

Don’t count this one out. This automatic, powerful sidearm can lay down serious firepower from its small frame.

Shockwave Hammer

Not only does this melee weapon deal damage to opponents, but it also launches them far away. You can also use it to launch yourself and teammates.

Replenish with New Provisions

The weapons above aren’t the only new items. In addition to returning healing items, restore yourself with new ones:

Slap Berries

This fruit is so refreshing you won’t want to stand still. Eat one for not only Effective Health, but also short-term unlimited Energy regen to stay sprinting longer.

Slap Juice

Thanks to the Slap Juice factory at Slappy Shores, there’s Slap Juice! Slap Juice grants more Effective Health than a Slap Berry, and also a longer temporary Energy regen.

Sky Jellies

If you see these jellyfish nearby, fear not — they want to help you. If you come in contact with these floating creatures, you’ll experience a bounce effect… and have some Effective Health restored!

Shoot for the Spoils

Speaking of things in the air, certain points of interest (POIs) at random will be dubbed Hot Spots at the beginning of the match. (Look for the POIs with gold text on your map!) These POIs are filled with flying drones holding high-rarity weapons — shoot down as many drones as you can and revel in your fortune.

Claim Your Territory

Conquer with your squad. Stay in a POI’s Capture Point long enough and your team’s Banners will be put on display, marking your team’s control of the POI. In a POI your squad’s claimed, Chests and opponents will be marked. Just watch out for anyone who tries to claim it first…

Banners of the claiming squad. The squad that claims the POI will be rewarded with loot!

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