Open World Survival Fest Update Coming Next Week

Hi everyone. Are you ready for Open World Survival Fest Update?

With Update 0.9 we truly make a huge leap forward bringing you Vorax a step closer to you.
I’m not exaggerating in saying that we have rewritten or heavily refactored 95% of the code base in the last three months.

We are now truly satisfied from a performance point of view, as well as satisfied with the stability and extensibility of all the software modules.

Open World Survival Fest Update: Are You Ready?

We are preparing for this early access adventure (which will start in July, 18th) with great confidence. Sure, of being able to release frequent, substantial and stable updates.

We have a lot prepared for you. From improved inventory and crafting, to larger map, to a more immersive narrative experience, without handholding, to new player and weapon models, new AI enemies, plenty of optimizations and improvements.

Here is just a quick list:

Inventory improved (stacks/sorting/fitting/compartiments/ equipment slots)

Crafting improved (quality of life/accessibility/convenience)

Player character fully reworked (movement/interactions/animations)

Weapons fully reworked (handling/animations/sounds)

An expanded map, with new locations and hidden secrets

New enemy AI flora and new AI monsters like infected scientists

Cooking improved and expanded (more recipes/locations)

Terminals added (in-universe interactable PCs serving various functions)

Workbenches (Crafting Stations) improved and added in more locations

Loadout simplified (primary, secondary, consumable, melee, throwable)

New story progression approach

Major performance improvements and optimizations

Future features include:

New weapon added: Sniper Rifle

Weapon Attachment System added

Weapon Improvement System added

Open World Survival Fest Update: What’s New?

The menu interactivity is now improved, allowing better sorting, dropping rotating and placing capabilities, stacking certain resources and even bags or containers that can help compartmentalize your inventory even better and easier.

The inventory management is using a puzzle-like handling, where items may be rotated, split, stacked or moved around freely, but space needs to be used wisely.

Together with an improved interactability, the crafting system also benefits from a major overhaul. New objects can now be crafted and all from the convenience of the same section, making everything easier and faster. Specific locations, workbenches, have been placed, that offer the player new options. Cooking is also getting expanded.

Inventory and loadout are reworked, compact and intuitive. The loadout section is informative on all the essential weapon categories (primary, secondary, melee), consumables, throwables and other equipables, such as armor or clothes.

All weapons, from their models, until their animations and sounds have been reworked. All weapons now are more easily distinguishable and offer a more realistic feel, while also maintaining the functionality and enjoyment of firing them.

The player character has been reworked, both from the exterior as well as the player’s FPS perspective. The new model character has improved movement capabilities that make traversing the island easier, and combat more fluent, with strafing, sprinting or dashing.

Open World Survival Fest Update: Good Stuff To Follow

The tactical helmet’s HUD has also been reworked, offering useful information in a more intuitive fashion, while maintaining the immersive minimalistic aspect while not having the helmet equipped.

Terminals are the newest in-game addition. They will become a vital part of the survival experience as well as the story progression. Offering surveillance capabilities, various console commands and essential information about the world.

These, together with various notes or other key items will serve as an organic way for the story progression, focusing on player exploration and discovery. World building isn’t handheld by the mission control commands and quest markers from before, players will earn their intel with their own efforts.

The map has been scrapped and redone, now larger and with more locations to explore, both in the full game an in the introduction demo area. Small objectives, hidden secrets and unexpected surprises lurk, waiting to be discovered.

Future updates will include new weapons (such as the Sniper Rifle), attachment and upgrade systems for many of the available weapons.

With the latest update, the entire gameplay experience should be smoother, with a higher overall frame rate, improved visuals, with enhanced lighting and cinematic level weather effects, without sacrificing performance. Video quality settings can be easily adjusted based on individual preference in the options menu.

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