Leaked Item Shop – November 21, 2022

Fortnite has added tomorrow’s Item Shop sections to the server, giving us a preview of what will be available. The ‘Turn The Music Up’ cosmetics will return in the next rotation.

Here’s a preview of the Item Shop for November 21, 2022:

Turn The Music Up

Nightlife OutfitLight Knives PickaxeGlowsticks EmoteParty Star OutfitHi-Hat OutfitParty MVP OutfitDJ Bop OutfitLights Up EmoteEnvision OutfitHarmonizer OutfitFlow OutfitBear Hug EmoteGlow Rider GliderGlow Stick PickaxeSynth Striker OutfitPop Prodigy OutfitBand Pass OutfitParty Diva OutfitPulse OutfitDrop The Bass EmoteAmplitude OutfitAttenuator OutfitGlow Wings GliderVibe Axe PickaxeSonic Glow WrapBreakin’ EmoteMelody Maverick OutfitDisco Fever EmoteReverb OutfitSyncopator OutfitFeel The Rhythm BundleTurn It Up BundleGleam Team BundleLast Forever EmoteChicken Wing It EmoteGangnam Style EmoteRollie EmoteSocks EmoteDon’t Start Now EmoteThe Macarena EmoteWake Up EmoteSnare Solo EmoteBuild Up EmoteSavage EmoteHey Now! EmoteBim Bam Boom EmoteHit It EmoteMy World EmoteEverybody Loves Me EmoteBTS Dynamite Pack Bundle

Unknown cosmetic [x12]

Daily Items

Unknown cosmetic [x6]

Earn Levels and Unlock Rewards!

Ayida’s Level Up Quest Pack

Tales from the Animus

Ezio Auditore OutfitEivor Varinsdottir OutfitWolf-Kissed Longboat GliderTales from the Animus Bundle

Wu Wear

B.R.I.T.E. OutfitThrowback BG OutfitShimmy Surfer GliderNeck Protector PickaxeTriumphant Tagger PickaxeWu-Tang is Forever EmoteWu WrapWu Wear BundleWu Wear Gear Bundle


Nathan Drake OutfitChloe Frazer OutfitUpdate Journal EmoteParashurama Axe PickaxeSecond Hand Saber PickaxeSully’s “New” Seaplane GliderUncharted Bundle

In other news, the intro for Fortnite’s upcoming Fracture event has been leaked. Click here to read more.

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