Leaked Item Shop – August 8th, 2022

Fortnite has added tomorrow’s Item Shop sections to the server, giving us a preview of what will be available. The Get Far Out Set will be available in the next rotation.

Here’s a preview of the Item Shop for a August 8th, 2022:

Unknown cosmetic [x8]

Daily Items

Unknown cosmetic [x6]

Get Far Out

Color Crush OutfitSwirl Girl OutfitSunburst Dawn OutfitDyed Breeze OutfitWavy Warrior OutfitFar Out Vibes PickaxeWhirl-Dye Back BlingGet Far Out Bundle


Silver Surfer BundleGhost Glider GliderChimichanga! EmoteDragon’s Scale WrapCuddlepool OutfitSnap EmoteVenom OutfitToothpick PickaxeGodslayer GliderGamora BundleShang-Chi BundleDomino OutfitBlade OutfitRavenpool OutfitDaywalker’s Kata EmoteThe Godslayer PickaxeDaredevil OutfitGamora OutfitPsylocke OutfitCable OutfitThe Milano GliderThanos OutfitSoulfire Chains PickaxeUnstoppable Force PickaxeGhost Rider BundleSilver Surfer PickaxeDardevil OutfitWidow’s Fangs PickaxeMeaty Mallets PickaxeHulk Smashers PickaxeBlack Widow (Snow Suit) OutfitSilver Surfer’s Surfboard GliderProbability Daggers PickaxeAnt-Man BundleGhost Rider OutfitPsi-Blade PickaxeDance Off EmoteDaredevil’s Billy Clubs PickaxeShang-Chi OutfitBlack Widow (Snow Suit) BundleSkull Fire WrapGuardian Axe PickaxeScootin’ EmoteDragacorn GliderDayflier GliderPsi-Rider GliderBlade BundleThe Devil’s Wings GliderSilver Surfer OutfitAnt-Man OutfitWidowmaker GliderBlades of Brother Hand PickaxeStar-Lord Outfit OutfitStar-Lord BundleDeadpool Gear BundleDeadpool Mashups BundleX-Force Outfits BundleX-Force Gear BundleEddie Brock OutfitSymbiote Trail ContrailSymbiote Sail GliderDirector’s Scythe PickaxeMighty Ant EmoteNick Fury BundleNick Fury OutfitRising Phoenix EmoteDark Phoenix OutfitVenom Bundle

Mjolnir’s Worthy

Gods of Thunder BundleCaptain America OutfitGrand Salute Emote

Special Offers & Bundles

Boardwalk Warriors Pack BundleTidal Vibes Pack BundleInkville Gang Pack Bundle

In other news, John Cena says he’s “already looking for more ways to be involved” with Fortnite. Click here to read more.

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