Fortnite OG: All Confirmed Weapons, Items, Vehicles

With the launch of ‘Fortnite OG’ being less than 24 hours away, we’ve analysed all the official teasers to create a list of every confirmed weapon, item and vehicle we’ll be seeing in the Season. Since we can only confirm what’s seen in teasers and official sources, this list does not contain the full loot pool.

Returning Weapons

The following weapons are confirmed to be returning thanks to Fortnite’s official reveal of the OG Key Art:

Classic Assault Rifle (and Scar)Tactical ShotgunPump ShotgunLight Machine GunQuad LauncherThe classic Assault Rifle

The official OG Teaser Trailer has also confirmed the return of the following classic weapons:

Hand CannonHeavy Assault RifleHunting RifleRocket LauncherThe Hunting Rifle

Returning Items & Traps

The following items and traps can be spotted in the official OG Key Art:

Chug SplashMounted TurretThe Chug Splash item

Fortnite’s official competitive X page has also teased the return of some classic items and traps:

The Jetpack

Returning Vehicles

Since standard cars and trucks, introduced in Chapter 2, won’t be included in the OG Season, the following vehicles will take their place. Like the weapons and items, these vehicles have been confirmed thanks to the Key Art:

All Terrain KartBallerX-4 StormwingShopping CartDriftboardThe Driftboard

Fortnite OG launches on Friday, November 3, 2023.

In other news, the upcoming ‘Fortnite OG’ map has been leaked. Click here to read more.

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