Destiny 2 Update Improves Master Raid Rewards, But Complaints Persist

Weekly resets in Destiny 2 are usually accompanied by a new patch, although this week’s update has been minor when compared to previous ones. As the latest edition of Guardian Games begins, the hotfix update simply removes class items from the Master difficulty reward pool for encounter completions in the Vow of the Disciple raid.

At first glance that might not seem like much, but for those Destiny 2 players who chase the best loot in the game, that change has ramifications for their rewards from high-level activities. The Master raid has a weekly rotation that rewards players with armor that is geared toward a specific stat, such as mobility for one week, and resilience for another week.

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But the class item being in the rotation pool means that the piece of armor that you can potentially earn isn’t really that special, and this has been a point of contention in the Destiny 2 community. One of the main problems has been that instead of getting guns, potentially, in every completion, you’ll only get high-stat armor. Adept guns can drop by completing the weekly challenge on Master, but the option to craft better weapons has made this feature somewhat redundant.

Beyond that, the Guardian Games will at least have one weapon that is worth earning, a new submachine gun called The Title. This little death-dealer carries some of the best perks in its class, along with a new Origin Trait just for the Guardian Games called Classy Contender.

If you’re looking to represent your favorite Destiny 2 class during the new event, we’ve also got a guide on everything to know about the Guardian Games and how they’ve been overhauled this year.

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