Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III and Warzone Season 2 full details revealed, out February 7

Prepare for a massive drop of new content with the arrival of Season 2 for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III and Call of Duty: Warzone. Introducing new maps, modes, weapons, a new Zombies story mission, the return of Fortune’s Keep, Resurgence Ranked Play, and more, there’s plenty to challenge players across all modes.

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Season 2 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III and Call of Duty: Warzone launches on February 7 on PlayStation 4 and PS5.

Multiplayer Overview

New Core 6v6 Maps

Departures (Launch): Deploy to Zakhaev International Airport in a competitive 6v6 map with areas for all playstyles. Battle in the main lobby, up on the mezzanine walkway, or take it outside by the airport drop off. This map is larger than Terminal, rewarding exploration with new routes and strategies.

Stash House (Launch): Prepare for chaos as battle erupts on this compact map featuring a luxury ranch home filled with cash. Explore the modern décor within or fight by the outside bar, hot tub, and driveway. For those who like tiny maps, this is for you.

Vista (Launch): Explore a mountaintop resort in Brazil in this classic three-lane map featuring tight interior spaces with long-ranged outdoor sight lines. Battle around the gift shops and restaurants or flank through the lowered jungle route away from the bustle of stores.

Das House (Mid-Season): The seminal small map returns with an all-new look as Operators navigate an under-construction skyscraper in the vicinity of Highrise. Looking for constant combat? This is it.

Plus, two more otherworldly-themed maps will join Tetanus, Sporeyard, and Satan’s Quarry for the Vortex Mid-Season Event: Airborne and Skidrow.

New War Map — Operation: Tin Man

Compete in a new large-scale War map with Operation: Tin Man. Skydive to the roof of a skyscraper and crash into the inner lab in the search for enemy data. The attacking team must find a way into the building, complete the mission, and move onto extraction as the other side defends the building and attempts to run down the clock.

New Game Modes

Team Gun Game (Launch): Every player starts the round with the same specific weapon. Eliminate enemy Operators to progress through a set of eight predetermined weapons. Use Knife melees and Finishing Moves to deduct a point from the enemy team’s score.

Snipers Only (Launch): You’ll need a steady hand and quick reflexes in this playlist featuring long-ranged combat across a variety of maps. All weapons besides Sniper Rifles are restricted, including your Lethal and Tactical equipment.

Hordepoint (Launch): In this zombified version of Hardpoint, a portal opens whenever an Operator enters the objective boundary. Zombies pour forth, attacking everything in sight. Eliminated zombies have a small chance of dropping a power-up or a Pack-a-Punch weapon when eliminated.

Juggermosh (Mid-Season): Deploy as an armed Juggernaut and take on other hulking Operators. Grab armor from fallen enemies and gain increased damage for headshots. A one-hit kill Melee weapon lies at the center of the map, a powerful reward for whoever gets their hands on it.

Bounty (Mid-Season): In this twist on Team Deathmatch, the player with the most eliminations from each team will be marked as a high-value target. Earn extra points for slaying a high-value target.

Vortex (Mid-Season): Vortex returns with a stronger version of the Ray Gun plus an increased map pool and an update Vortex Mid-Season event.

Plus, Ranked Play: Compete in Ranked Play Season 2 at launch, featuring all-new Seasonal and Skill Division rewards.

Ninja Vest

Equip the new Ninja Vest to eliminate your Operator’s footstep sounds and become immune to movement reduction effects. You will also spawn with bonus Shuriken or Throwing Knives and resupply them every 25 seconds.

Zombies Overview

New Rift, New Mission (Mid-Season): Operation Deadbolt must face a new anomaly in the Exclusion Zone as the Dark Aether Story continues within a new Rift. Escort expert Sergei Ravenov inside the Dark Aether with mercenaries on your tail. Face down the Infested Stronghold and get out before it’s too late.

New Challenges, Schematics (Mid-Season): As with Season 1, your Prestige Player Level unlocks more challenges to complete and Calling Cards to unlock. Season 2 also introduces new schematics:

Mags of Holding: When activated, your weapon pulls ammunition straight from your ammo stash, eliminating the need for pesky reloads.

Blood Burner Key: Acquire this valuable key to summon the Blood Burner Wonder Vehicle from anywhere on the map.

V-R11 Wonder Weapon: Turn enemies into allies with a schematic for the V-R11.

New Warlord

The Warlord Keres, a deadly and elusive chemical warfare specialist, has set up shop in the Killhouse at Orlov Military Base. Expect the fortress to be highly fortified with soldiers, snipers, turrets, traps, and her specialty, poison gas. Bring your gas masks and precision teamwork to eliminate the new enemy.

Call of Duty: Warzone Overview

Welcome Back to Fortune’s Keep (Launch)

The island has evolved since its first debut: Konni Group has set up a base of operations, conducting mysterious experiments in a new underground lab. Something’s gone wrong, releasing a massive explosion across the island and letting loose an unceasing, undead threat.

Fortune’s Keep is set to become your primary Call of Duty: Warzone destination at launch as you drop into Resurgence matches and challenge the best players in Ranked Play.

New Gameplay Features

Zombie Nests, Eradication Contract (Launch): Recent seismic events may be linked to increased undead activity across Fortune’s Keep. Activate the new Eradication Contract by investigating any corpse that you find and following the tracks to a Zombie Nest. Destroy the cysts and any Zombie HVTs within to complete the Contract.

Rogue Signal Public Event (Launch): When this Public Event activates, all squads will be given a 90-second objective-based mission such as “Get the most eliminations” or “Deal the most damage to enemy players.” The top three performing teams will receive in-game Cash rewards and the location of a special Reward Cache.

Zombies Power-Ups (Launch): Seven Zombies power-ups have made their way onto the island, found by opening certain caches and eliminating enemy Operators. The power-ups include Double Points, Full Armor, Max Ammo, Fire Sale, Looting Spree, Zarkour, and Undead Sight.

Extendable Bridges (Launch): Fortune’s Keep now features three Extendable Bridges built over gaps in the fallen roadways following the explosion. Interact with the nearby control panels to extend or retract them, creating strategic opportunities for preventing and gaining access across.

New Squad Elimination Streaks (Launch): Get on a roll. This new tracker — available on all maps outside of Ranked Play — displays how many enemy squads you have eliminated back-to-back. Keep eliminating squads before the countdown bar runs out to extend your Squad Elimination Streak and earn rewards along the way.

Mid-Season Updates

Research Vessel (Mobile Point of Interest): A large pontoon-style watercraft has been spotted in the waters off the coast of Fortune’s Keep. Certain to draw attention, the craft is large enough for combat to take place across the deck.

Bunker Buster (Killstreak): Use binoculars to designate a target structure. This Lethal Killstreak launches a missile that vertically decimates a building through multiple floors, blasting those within. The impact creates a long column of gas designed to force surviving enemies out of cover.

Personal Decontamination Station (Field Upgrade): An improved version of the Personal Decontamination Station (PDS) Field Upgrade joins the loot pool at mid-season, emitting a cloud of chemicals that counteract the corrosive properties of the circle gas, creating a temporary safe zone.

Call of Duty: Warzone Ranked Resurgence

Compete against the best with Ranked Play in Call of Duty: Warzone. Players must be at least Level 55 to access this mode, including the following parameters:

Party Size: Trios
Map: Fortune’s Keep
Game Mode: Resurgence
Public Event restrictions: Yes (e.g., No Fire Sales)
Vehicle restrictions: Yes (e.g., No Turreted Vehicles)
Restricted gameplay elements: Yes (e.g., changes to redeploy mechanics)
Buy Station Inventory Adjustments: Yes

Battle your way through seven standard Skill Divisions by performing well in matches and completing challenges to earn Stars and increase your Skill Rating. Earn seasonal Ranked Play and Skill Division rewards and claim your title as ruler of Fortune’s Keep!

Season 2 Combat Pack and other Store offerings

Look for the Season 2 Combat Pack, free for PlayStation Plus members in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III and Call of Duty: Warzone starting on February 14. Other upcoming Store Bundles include the Dragon Soul: Lunar New Year Bundle, the Call of Duty Endowment Direct Action Pack, the Zombies: Aether Worm Bundle, and more!

Season 2 launches February 7

Purchase Modern Warfare III on PlayStation to enjoy the benefits of two additional loadout slots, monthly exclusive Double XP events, +25% PlayStation Party Bonus XP, +5 bonus Battle Token Tier Skips with a BlackCell purchase, and a free in-game bundle each season with the Combat Pack. 

Stay frosty.

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